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Crawling back from a 3 year hiatus


Yo! I originally joined back in 2014 but out of nowhere today I remembered Last moon existed.
I think I remember reading something about no multiple accounts accounts but quiet obviously I have matured so so much since then and am basically a new person so please.... Have mercy on me. DONT MAKE ME GO BACK TO THAT ACCOUNT ITS HORRIFYING- gg little kid me, negative karma-
I forget all details about my old acc with my items on it too-

I would so badly want to get the items off of it if I could but I cant remember a single thing to get any info to try recover it from.

My name is Dictator Dapper, but feel free to just call me Dapper.

I am a hobbyist animator with about 6 years under my belt.
I am all self taught, started on Nintendo DS flipnote, and now I use ToonBoom Harmony.

I am hoping to try and do some Presets, little kiddie me attempted it and failed intensely. With my new knowledge I think I could do it!

I think I am a pretty ok type of person, a few people think im intimidating, I never say anything rude, Im just not afraid to tell the truth (pretty edgy I know)

I can't wait to get back into the community, I recognise a few usernames!

Although I said this in the shoutbox, I'll say it here too:

Welcome back to LM, best of luck with your presets. Perhaps I'll commission you one day, if you ever get enough practice. ;)

Be sure to check the News for upcoming updates, or even events in the future. <3


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