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Hey y'all xP Not sure if some of you guys might know me as Jonty from Dragon's Den. I've actually been on here before years ago, forgot my the user and password though so here I am :')

What's your name?~
Alexis or Lex in real life, Amaidi in-game

Um... What the heck does Amaidi mean?~
It's Irish for Shenanigans! It's pronounced Ahm-a-dee. I'm not actually from Ireland, but my dad is Irish! So I am very much Irish and I love everything about it. xD

How old are you?~
18. Birthday is Feb 17th.

What's your gender?~
Female, but I mostly play male characters.

Where are you from?~
New York

What's your sign?~

Any hobbies?~
Drawing, writing, animals, video games, being an overall lovable idiot <3

How would you describe yourself?~
First and foremost, I promise I'm not being rude, I'm just very awkward. Honestly, I am extremely shy and quiet... even online. I probably won't initiate a conversation. Blame my social anxiety. I try to stay away from the crowd but I will open up eventually. Then you will wish I would shut up already! I'm very fluent in sarcasm, so expect banter when you get to know me <3 The anxiety is something I'm focusing on getting over so I can be more confident and outgoing.

Favorite color?~

Favorite animal?~
Definitely a wolf.

Favorite bands?~
Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, From Ashes to New, Set It Off

I'm your stereotypical trashy furry. I have two fursuits and am currently working on more.

Once in a while I'll join a RP.

Feel free to say hi if you see me in-game ^^ I'm usually really quiet and shy and stay away from the crowd, but I will eventually open up once you get to know me!

Hello Shenanigans, wow so many questions answered about yourself!! :O Wish I could of seen you in-game at the time you were online, oh well. I hope you have an awesome Halloween by the way, make sure you stay safe <3


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