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Life updates, where I've been and if I'll stay


Well, this doesn't exactly fit into an introduction, nor does it fit into leaving/hiatus. This is more a general update as to why I've been gone (though I'm not sure how many folks know of me nowadays, lol!)

I've had a lot shit happen in my life, both good and bad, and I haven't really had the time to be around (obviously).
I'm in my last year of college and doing really well for myself, with a good outlook for attending university in the future. I may also be eligible for a scholarship for university for my chosen degree (computer science) which is real neat.

However I've also had issues to do with my health, both mental and physical, though thankfully I am finally getting someplace with that. But as things stand I will likely be taking a year out before I go to uni to make sure my health is in order (I require physiotherapy and there is a chance of needing major surgery in my future should things not go as well as I hope). But the silver lining is I finally have concrete diagnoses for my issues, which is a relief.

Do I still draw? Absolutely. And I've gotten much, much better. And I've taken up sculpting and painting too, which I've found a challenge but one I've been taking in stride nonetheless.

Will I be staying? I have no idea! Maybe someday I'll be back to play or even offer my IT and artistic skills if they're wanted. For now, though, life's a bit hectic and everything is uncertain.
Again, I wouldn't much call this a 'going on hiatus' post, though if y'all mods think it's best suited in that category then I trust your call on it.

So, yeah. That's where I've been. Hope y'all oldguard folks I know have been doing okay, and for you new folks I hope you're enjoying the community!

Great to hear about the positives and how you've been doing, good luck for all future endeavors and thank you for being an awesome part of the LM community!

Oh I think I remember you, can't recall if we ever met in-game though..
 I really wish you the best at Uni, and I hope you continue to be healthy and safe. Both mentally and psychically.


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