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Alright guys, we need your help with something that concerns Last Moon. We’ve gotta compile a list of bugs and glitches that happen in-game so we can try to solve them. So who better to ask than the players themselves?

Known Bugs
These are bugs that we are already working on or know of, so don’t bother repeating them in the comments below.

-Phoenix texture glitch
-Volcano map crash (fixed; will add into an update for y'all soon)
-Sapphire necklace texture
-WoW prey glitches
-Item Buyer
-Height map glitch
-Low health when logging in glitch

Add any glitch or bug you run into while in-game to the comments section on this thread and we’ll see what we can do to get it all fixed up!

Oi, nice thread here. :3

Some glitches I have found during my time playing Last Moon:
- The common map glitch (I think this started happening after the water reflections and grass updates? But the map just glitches and the ground becomes "uneven" and gives the illusion your character is inside the ground or floating, this CAN be fixed with a restart, but gets EXTREMELY annoying)
- Cave Maze's spawn point glitched (You spawn literally inside the wall)
Underwater Cave (Easy to fix with a simple restart or dim switch, but may get very confusing for new comers)
- "Nuzzle" action (The items on the character's head de-sync with the head, not exactly a problem, and more so amusing, but can get a little "awkward" xD)
- "Stretch" action (Applies to skinny body only I think, but the abdomen becomes EXTREMELY deformed)
- Broken items (These include the orange and purple fedora and blade liger blades)
- Item placements (A few of the items do not fit certain bodies correctly, such as the leaf item on nearly every head, and thing such as antlers on the wolf head, wolf body)
- Wolf tail + Original body (The tail is not connected whatsoever to the original body)
- Sitting action + items (After a while, items become de-synchronized with the head, much like what happens with the nuzzle action)

That is all I can think of at the moment. xD

Just a quick tip note that:

The thin tail + original bodies doesn't connect to the body just to bring that up a notch

-Height/Terrain map glitches
-Shadow Egg necklace, shows up as a blank bar in stash's
-Some players being able to talk with colored text
Jen pretty much got them all xD

I'm not sure if the Height Map Glitch is what this is, but I'll state it anyway. I always turn on Paged Geometry and whenever going into another world, Paged Geometry is turned off and so is its effects.

Underwater Cave is a black void sometimes unless you Set Home or restart.

Some items you can get stuck inside of; The tree with the Default portal on it in Portal Island being one of them.

The server gets hungry and eats items. Like once, I had shards on and stuff. I go to Portal Island and boom! The items are gone! This also occurs with dropping items.

No deer body markings? I'm not sure if this was intentional or not, but you cannot put body markings on deer.

Sometimes when on bodies that aren't Original, Skinny, or Fat, I've noticed that when the character moves their head, the items float off.

Character expression glitch:

Deer can't really do many mouth expressions? Like, their eyebrows change and stuff, but their mouth just glitches out.


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