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Game Crashes as i logg in


Heya and nice to see ya after a long time again.

so eeh i was wondering why the game keeps crashing when i type in my username and password...... idk if my account is deleted cause i wasnt on for years so i wouldnt wonder.....if ya can help me it would be nice . thx for noticing and have a nice day or whatever ^^

Hi! You might have a bugged character so just as it loads in, it crashes. Can you post a screenshot of the error so I can help you further? Thanks.

could be....... butb the error says missing Quest.dat or not found..... i looked in my lm folder and i got this file and can open it too so its not corrupted..... any clue how to fix it?

try this
--- Quote from: CloudFish on April 29, 2017, 10:35:09 AM ---the download page does not have the latest version as the point of the updater is to push out small updates over time so that you dont have to redownload the game each time we add something

go into your game folder and open the version.txt file in notepad and change the numbers to 0. exit and save and then relaunch the game. it should bring up the updater console and should download more files.

--- End quote ---
can you also please post a screenshot of the error if this fails to resolve your issue? :)

If you don't have the quest.dat file missing completely, it could be that you still have a quest from years ago that has been deleted since you were last online.
I've tried something. Try logging in now. If you still get the error let me know.


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