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Weekly In-Game Event April 20th 6PM EST {VOTING OPEN!}


Hello, my sweet summer children! I'm here with some juice to get you through the long night. This week's game will be, as stated above, on April 20th at 6PM EST.

[Subject to change due to Cloud's work schedule but for now this is set in stone. Don't know what time the event will be held in your timezone? Convert your time zone here.

As you all know, each week staff members, usually Cloud and/or myself, will be hosting an event in-game that will allow you to have a bit of fun and perhaps win a few prizes. There will be one main event each week at a certain time that we will try to nail down as doable and fair for everyone. However, note that these events will not always be on the same weekdays (e.g: Fridays). Please vote for your game of choice above. Keep in mind if one game is chosen one week, it cannot be voted for the next week until all others have been picked. Eventually every game will be played. Voting closes an hour before the event.


Who Wants to be a Last Moonaire?
A pre-prepared quiz that will allow everyone to give an answer, the first with the correct answer receives a point. The game will continue until a player reaches a certain number of points based on the number of players.

Create a Character (themed) Contest:
Simple. I'll name a theme and you will create a character based around said theme. Cloud and myself will judge.

Four Corners:
In Lava Cave, everyone will pick a pillar. If you're on that pillar when its randomly rolled you will be eliminated from the round. The last player standing wins the round.

Race in Track:
Everyone goes to Track and has a race. Everyone has to use the default body on their character. First person to the end wins.

Plush It Up (Suggested by Darknight56):
A plush will be chosen by host (this includes all plush items in game) and must be guessed by players as to which it is. First few to guess will be transported to a different dim and will have to find the plush hidden in map (Ice). First one to find it wins the game.

Snow Castle Event (Suggested by ThatLoserCookie):
A game close to Four Corners, played by rolling the dice and eliminating players standing on the elemental pillars.

A game similar to hide and seek only you can run around. If Cloud hits you you're out.

Relay (Suggested by CloudFish):
Located in Track, the event begins with the host giving each team an item. Depending on the amount of players participating in the game, there will be teams of usually two or three per team and each member of a team places themselves to a specific part of the track. The team must work together to get the item for their team to the finish line, and the first team to cross the finish line wins the event.

Roll the Dice Event (Suggested by ThatLoserCookie/Crusis):
A game played by rolling the dice and taking the actions the dice dictates. A small rp game.

Winter Is Coming (Suggested by PrettyRecklessSenjuToka/Kovaii):
Brace yourselves, winter is coming. A Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire themed game held in Track. Cloud will have a character named Winter, and just like in Cubhunt, players can run if spotted. Last person standing wins.

Should there be more than one round for a game, only the winner who wins the first round may get an admin item or pet. Any winners in future rounds will win none-admin items or pets, but don't let this put you off! Should you win in future rounds, you will be able to request for an item or a pet that costs diamond medals or even ruby medals.
I would also like to remind everyone that given that this is a public event hosted by the staff for the community, we expect users to respect one another. Anyone caught being unruly, disrespectful, or disruptive will have appropriate actions taken against them so please do be sure to familiarize yourselves with the rules! Be respectful, don't beg for items, no cheating, and NO DRAMA WHATSOEVER. We just want everyone to have fun!

With that said, should any of you have any questions or game suggestions, please PM Cloud or myself, we're very open to new ideas. However, if you're going to make a game suggestion, you must provide a list of instructions and inform us on how it works. Thank you all for reading, have a beautiful day!


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