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Winter Art Contest - 2017 (Closed)

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Welcome The Season
Winter Art Contest

Winter is coming, the cold breezes chill us to the bone and the snow starts falling. What better way to warm our hearts than to draw our lovable OCs and participating in a fun little contest?
For this art contest all you have to do is draw a winter themed art piece and me along with another judge will pick 1 winner and a runner-up. You can draw anything you want, any character you please and using any sort of media, as long as it stays within the winter theme! Simple, right?
The deadline will be February 1st.

[*]Do not in any way harass or mock others for their artistic skills/ art styles.
[*]There's no point in complaining or whining if you do not win. We're here to have fun.
[*]If we find out your entry has been stolen or traced from another artist you will be disqualified and prohibited from joining any further Welcome the Season art contests.
[*]Deadlines must be respected, there will be no exceptions.[/list]

1st Place
 - 1 Diamond Medal
 - Candy Cane T-rex
 - Special Ingame/Forum Title
 - A pixel icon and pagedoll of your characterSpoiler for Hiden: Spoiler for Hiden: Runner-Up
 - 4 Gold Medals
 - A pixel icon of your character
Snowflake divider by @Gasara on DeviantART.
Art prizes provided by Ulti. If you would like to volunteer to draw prizes for the winner feel free to PM me. This will NOT increase your chances of winning.







Since messaging you didn't work I don't think here's my entry:

Sorry @Adeen, I did get your message I've just been very busy and haven't had the chance to use the forum on my laptop till now (I had noted down your name tho, don't worry!)
Added your entry to the list!

I've entered! Good luck to everyone <3


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