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WoW Model Redesign Contest (Calling All Artists!)

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Alright, thanks a lot!! :D

Do any of these still need redesigns? Is it just the textures that are being changed? I'm absolutely game give me anything.


I don't know whether they still need redesigns but I'm sure that you're still allowed to send in your ideas because this contest isn't closed yet.
Also they need model ideas and the texture because the old WoW models will get removed.

Ohh okay. Damn because I'm not a model-maker but I do like retexturing things. Maybe I'll hit up a friend who would like to make em and then I can do the textures. :D

I think you got that wrong what I said, haha.

Like Cloud said in the information text at the beginning. We should do concept art. Means you draw a new creature/animal with a new texture so the old ones can get removed^^ You dont have to do the 3D Model, that's what Vessan will do after they got the concepts. All you need to do is drawing a new gryphon with a different color for example.


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