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WoW Model Redesign Contest (Calling All Artists!)

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Believe I'll have to go with the gryphon.


I have a lil problem doing this redesign atm and I hope you understand.
Next week is my last school week (hopefully for ever if I pass all the exams u-u) and ye friday I will have to write my first exam in history and next week a english oral exam.

I sketched some dragons but I'm getting a bad feeling all the time when I'm drawing and keep thinking "DO SoMeTHinG fOR tHe exAms!!"

So I will see to finish the sketches and 3D model ideas next week when I'm done with the oral exam.
I hope that's okey

Of course, take your time Cookee. Also updated info. You can pick as many as you want for the redesign.

Alright, thanks
Then I would like to do the redesign of the fairy and dust fairy dragon as well if it's okay

yeah that's fine cookee


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