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WoW Model Redesign Contest (Calling All Artists!)

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WoW Model Redesign Contest (Calling All Artists!)

If you guys have been around the forum and seen this thread here you will know that over the course of the next few months we will be slowly removing the WoW models from LM. However to do so without breaking the game we have decided to simply replace theses models with new ones that Vessan will be making.

But we need some help in redesigning looks for these models and are reaching out to you guys to help us out.

Simply pick ANY of the models needed to be redone below. You can work on multiple designs!  All we need is some concept art and Vessan will work their magic from there.

What prize do you get for contributing your design to the game?

A custom forum title, a colored in-game tag, and a diamond medal. (Prizes subject to change.)

Example Concept:


Needed Redesigns:



Chromatic Dragon (big and small)



Fairy Dragon


Dust Fairy Dragon


First come first serve in terms of who gets what.

I'll definitely be interested in giving the Gryphon a shot or maybe the Basilisk. I'll have to see. Well good luck to everyone

can we get screenshots of current prey

added screenshots of current prey. remember these are supposed to be redesigns so feel free to stray from the old in creative ways

@Ulti please let me know which youd prefer to have as we're only allowing one per person at the moment however if the time comes and some are left over youre welcome to do both.

I would like to redesign the Chromatic Dragon (big and small)


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