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I made a thread similar to this on the old forum, and got a generally "yeah sure" feel out of it. However, a recent conversation I had with Rimisa, Bazookaneon,  and FaintSilhouette brought this back to the forefront of my mind. I'd like to do the same for all of you.

A large drawback to roleplaying ingame is the very short character limit that inhibits most paragraph style rpers from getting a well constructed thought out in one post. It gets confusing when there's more than two people, and posts get jumbled between each other. Sure, taking turns helps this, but it gets lengthy waiting for others. Especially once its 5+ users.  It will take an hour to go through a full rotation, and essentially nothing happened. So we have to either cut one another off, or make our thoughts more simplistic and neither of those is fun.

I'd like to see the character limit be VASTLY extended-- trippled or quadrupled, if not removed altogether.

"But Haru, the spamming! They could clear a chat in default.!"

They can do it now, even with the character limit. It isnt hard. Fill your chat with nonsense, hit the up button. Enter, enter, up. Post it infinitely.  And lets be honest,its not that big a problem. Trolls will troll as they please. And if it DOES become a problem,  report and praise the block button for His excellence.

The same goes for forum posts. Honestly? I had to send six PMs to one person to share ONE savechat with them. And with that stupid "you posted in the last 60 seconds" thing,  that was hella tedious. Know those feels?

What do you guys think? Vote, comment, hate/bash/love/exalt.

I think double or triple would be appropriate, but not removed.

Thanks for posting. (:

Double or triple sounds good to me.

I agree with lengthening it to some extent however like zaroque said removing the limit altogether might be a bit unwise.

We can try it


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