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Title: Last Moon: Variety of ideas here!
Post by: ThatOneNerd on August 12, 2014, 06:07:59 AM
So, I have a ton of ideas I'd love to share for Last Moon!

1. Customizing your pet (colorwise when you buy it). From eyes, to wings, Id love to see this!
 Im sorry if my ideas sound ridiculous or impossible ^^ If so, just say

2. Two servers? Realistic, and regular. Realistic would have hunger, thirst, and no special attacks. Regular would not have that. Healing would mean you find items to heal you, or you wait for the health bar to regenerate.

3. Items for your pets? I would love it if we could put r items on our pets! Not sure if they would be strictly items for the pets, or just items in general.

4.Groups. I love to rp! And to keep that rp on going. Maybe groups our characters can chat and be in. And still be in after we log out.

5.Dragon body model? Im not sure if Dragon models were decided or not... but just thought I would put that out there!

6. Furries?! I'm not sure about this one, but, my friend has been pestering me lately of how cool it would be to have them as a charrie choice!

I am aware of how hard the crew of LM is working, so a big thank you to them! I feel kind of bad putting so many ideas out when you have so many... but tell me what all of you out there think! Thank you ^^