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Title: Pandemic's Ideas. #1
Post by: Pande on August 07, 2014, 06:59:56 PM
Hey! Just a small post.
1) Some of the maps don't work for me, maybe for other player, I guess is maybe because the map is not official/made. I applied for Map Making. I want these map crashing to be fixed, or, the map portals that don't work to be removed. I think that's my LM's problem. ;-;
2) Maybe new quest givers? Or quests. There could be more easy. Like killing these gazelles.
3) The prey should be eaten. There may be the possibility of activating a food needing thing, when role playing, and off, when just talking and exploring. And the pet may c;
4) A map for dens/homes? More people claim maps as their homes. Sadly, they put random people on their block list because they are nearby. Each player could have a den. The dens may be 3 kinds: Normal, only for you, that should be free. Shared, for you AND a friend. Our room, for you and your family/mate. I can make it, how I said up, I applied for map making.

Thanks for your time.
Title: Re: Pandemic's Ideas. #1
Post by: Manapotion on August 08, 2014, 07:48:51 AM
Amazing idea's !, and you can make good maps !
Title: Re: Pandemic's Ideas. #1
Post by: Pande on August 08, 2014, 08:08:27 AM
Thanks. *Hugs and pets.*  ;) Even if my maps were my secrets, I NEVER published them, I feel now like I shall finish them and make public, becase I decided to move here, to LM. People would enjoy them. But the meshes I used are Ogre 2.7, so they can be FH only. I need to get Thierrys amazing Wow meshes again, in Ogre 2.6, for IT. So, again, thankies.