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Prehistoric Map Suggestion?

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(I don't know if there's a post similar to this, so I'm deeply sorry if this suggestion has already been suggested!)

Howdy! Goldy 'ere.

I believe there isn't a prehistoric map in-game, and that's why I'm here, writing this very post! I'd like to suggest a unique prehistoric map, with of course, a bunch of prehistoric prey! Since there's a T-Rex in-game, why not move it in with some other dinosaurs? (I'm a big fan of dinos, so ye, mweheh. :3)

'Tis all from me! Thank you. :3

This sounds like a nice themed map. And if another map were to be added, this map would be my choice.
It would be like having LM's own Jurassic Park :)

I'm not the best at map building, but I can try developing a map with that so desired preferences. I've already figured out a unique name, Jurassica, so I'll figure out something.

BUT there is a chance it won't be added, which is understandable, because again. I'm terrible at map building, better with forming ideas.

And I do agree with this, I'd love to see this implemented in the foreseeable future.

I know some other servers have the crater map as a sort of prehistoric map.

But it's a tad bit ironic lol.
However I do like themed maps.
Makes prey sorting know. Predctable and sensible.

Like say Zebras in savannah.

I'm glad that you guys agreed. X3 And yeah, map making is hard, I can relate. And yee, themed maps are my favourites!


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