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Bone dragon claws and mask, maybe even wings? And triple spike earrings that fit on wolves or lions

More piercings? pls

Alexis 1123:
what about wing bone? i guess.

Make saiki kusuo device on his head as a item on your head just like his and one of it as a collar device on characters neck or a Naruto headband or maybe two really big swords that make a x on your characters back cus they go opposite ways or a really big black gun or a hoodie that ur character can wear or a backwards cap to go on your characters head just cuz lol

Also could make a bento box with sushi and all kinds of good food inside on your back or where ever or ramen noodles and chopsticks or seaweed wrapped around your character with raw salmon or a yummy cake item or a waffle hat something related or money cash as a item that you could put in your mouth or where ever or a black rose or a studded belt any color rainbow or a black and blue whatever color or a shard that makes you slightly invisible or a shard that rains or rains tacos  or beanies any color and tall Rasta hat and weed anything like giant leaf shard or blunt in your characters mouth or shot needles stick off your characters leg or mouth where ever or black skinny jeans with two holes in the knees and Kevlar vest or a mic you could make on your characters face or some converse shoes or Van shoes or a watermelon hat with eye holes or jet packs or steam punk glasses or one giant rainbow shard or a discoshard that repeatedly shines rainbow sparkly stuff everywhere or a sperm plushie with a sad face or I'm gonna kill you face with teeth or a American bandana or a rainbow pattern one or whatever pattern and color or a galaxy collar or a rainbow collar or a awesome monocle or a tomato plushie with green hair and a cute smile or a giant blimp attach to your back lmao


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