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what the hell happened (were is everyone)


hello fellow member or person of LM server
i been playing IT games and programing for years and i wonder how such an amazing server/game has became so empty ,  you guys were the reason why i started programing, the reason why i started mesh files.DEAR OLD STAFF MEMBERS PLEASE COME BACK IM BEGGING YOU! :'( :'( :'(
--- PM me if you read this
 skycloud? Ness? anyone??? grim??? old staff please come back :-X

some pictures of the old times .....

this post is about missing the times of seeing people use the server, item races, 4 corners, hide and seek , all the fun games. i would love to start a item games just like old times.
i have lots of rare and non rare items i could get rid of if anyone would like to join.

hey there & welcome back. :)

unfortunately, a lot of the members & staff youíre likely familiar with/have mentioned have left the game and community, and did so long before activity started to decline. Last Moon had a good run, but as its members
and staff have grown and moved on, itís collected dust & become a thing of the past. while your love for the game is appreciated, itís more than unlikely this project will be picked back up at any point in the future. probably best to consider it retired at this point, and ďarchivedĒ.

if youíre looking for a game that is updated and cared for, iíd recommend checking out LMís sister server, Dawn of Eternity. it is maintained by RikaCreature, who puts a lot of love & effort into the game and its components. it also has some active players as well, so you wouldnít find yourself alone in the servers.

we do have a discord that has a lot of members of the community in it, but itís not really related to LM anymore. just a place people can hang out. 

thank you so much i appreciate this info, i will be joining soon.
and like i said its been years since i had time to come back to IT servers

Yeah, it's sad that theres barely anyone on anymore. I played back when it was packed full with people and to see it now with no one there is sad :( I've redownloaded the game just to play around n stuff. even if im the only person online. i mostly quest and buy items.

lotus flower:
(sorry for replying after months later)
 but hey chezzy! i dont know if you remember me, (hopefully you do) I was one of your friends from the past, i even think i was in one of those
gifs that you mentioned in your post. Its nice to see that you've came back, im never active on here anymore but its really nice to see people from the past


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