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Title: Error's And How To Fix Them^
Post by: Gone on February 12, 2017, 10:56:40 AM
Alright so many people have had these error messages before am i right?
Well here i am writing about the errors and how to fix them^

Alright first Error: Not able to get into the game after entering Under World Map

First thing you want to do is locate your Last moon Folder, Then in the Last moon folder there should be a file called Game, After you click into the files Make sure you don't touch anything else then the file i tell you. The file you have to Delete is savepoint.sav

That should spawn you back where your Home Point is.

Second One: When the game stops working while entering.

Alright everyone knows the game has its up's and downs meaning they might need a forced update^^
First thing you would want to do is go ahead and locate your files again, There should be something called version.txt, After you find that file Delete it, Hop back onto the game launcher and it should be doing an update^^

The quest Error and how to fix it:
go into your game folder and open the version.txt file in notepad and change the numbers to 0. exit and save and then relaunch the game. it should bring up the updater console and should download more files.
 I hope this helps for anyone who has these errors.

Title: Re: Error's And How To Fix Them^
Post by: CloudFish on February 12, 2017, 07:54:48 PM
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