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Hello everyone, i hope this is the right spot to ask about this matter.
I'm a very old Last moon player, and have been gone for awhile.
Though, i have troubles remembering my name and/or password in the game, my name here on the forum has changed to the name i now use but i can't seem to be able to remember the old account details.

It was something with spaces or something, or vindex... i really don't remember.
I've played this game since i was like 14 or so and i'm 19 now.. imagine. I really want to see my account and characters back, since i also had some very rare items with me.
I just don't know who to ask about this.

Maybe the staff can help me privately about this matter?
Thanks again, and if this is not allowed please tell so :)

- Veteran LM player Mana/Spaces/SpiritCrow/Lehava

PM me with details


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