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because we've been getting a LOT of the same questions and people aren't taking it well, I've reposted this onto this board so it can help -Ven

Seeing as there's a lot of questions that seem to be asked a lot in the help section, this FAQ Page may be able to help you out a bit! On here you can find the most asked questions of the server without having to post about it in the help sections, or dig through past topics in order to find your answer.
In Game & Download Issues
Q: I tried logging into the game and it says "User doesn't exist", what do I do?
A: Your forum account is NOT linked with your in-game account. You must create an account when you first pull up the game

Q: My game has errors(MSVCP100.dll/d3dx9_43.dll), what do I do?
A: Most likely you have to download DirectX(d3dx9_43.dll) or Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redist(MSVCP100.dll) on the download page of the forum. OR take the Myz approach and just delete version.txt.

Q: Is Last Moon a virus?
A: No. If there were any virus's in the game we'd put warning up when downloading it. But there are no virus's there for no warnings.

Q: How can you tell who is staff in game?
A: When we log on we'll have a tag such as "((Owner)) Myz has arrived", and when speaking, a tag next to our name depicting "<[GlobalMod]Lyric>"

Q: How many characters can I have in game?
A: As many as you'd like!

Q: Am I allowed to make more than one account?
A: No, you may not. That would be against the rules.

Q: Am I able to make my own Presets/Maps like in Feral Heart?
A: You indeed are! The process is just different. Here you can find a preset tutorial.

Q: How do I find the files to the game?
A: Normally you can find the files through the desktop shortcut. Right click and then click "Open file location"

Q: Is it normal for my character's health to be gone when logging on after not getting wounded before?
A: It is! Just a small glitch in game.

Q: Are quests re-doable?
A: Yep yep yep!

Q: I've been banned and didn't do anything?
A: The game has its glitches sometimes. It's happened to almost everyone. If this happens just restart your game and wait a couple minutes before logging back in. *Keep in mind bans should not be discussed in game or on the forum, or anywhere for that matter.*

Q: How to a put in image in a forum post?
A: You must upload the picture to a website (Deviantart, photobucket, tinypic, etc.), or find a picture you like, get the exact url, and in url around the link put  (Example [img.] http://www.derp.come/blah [/img.] Without the "." In the brackets.)

Q: How many pictures may I have in my signature?
A: One, unless granted otherwise by staff.

Q: What does "Nuzzle" and "Bite" mean under users on posts?
A: Nuzzle and Bite add or subtract Karma from a players profile. It's normally like an award for someone who's done some good around the forum, or just a nice gesture in general. Basically a praise.

Q: How can I tell who is a staff member?
A: All staff have a tag under their name that depicts what rank they are along with more blocks. In the chat box our name's are different colors.

Player & Staff Issues/Questions
Q: A staff member has been rude to me or did something I didn't like. Who do I tell?
A. If it was a Developer, Forum Mod, Game Mod or Global Mod you're having problems with then report them to an Admin.
If the issue is with an Admin, report the Admin to a Co/Owner.
The staff member you report to will have a chat with the staff member you reported, keeping your name anonymous of course, and will then get back to you with the conclusion.

Q: How can I become a staff member?
A: Hard work and dedication.

That should be all! Thank you for your time in reading, hope it helps!


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