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I thought this game was long gone, only recently discovered that it still exists. I reinstalled and logged in only to find that it's a ghost town. It was so depressing seeing one of my childhood games still up and running, unchanged yet completely empty, the forum overrun with bots, I wanted to cry lol.

I doubt there's any hope at this point, but I thought it was worth a shot to see if anyone might still be around somewhere.

I still really love this game. I play from time to time but it is very much a ghost town. Wish there was any way to contact the owner and see what is up

Some of us still play in-game, sadly our adult lives have taken over

i hop on sometimes, but yeah it's kinda gone :( i miss it so much

I miss this game too. I remember making friends and roleplaying on here plenty when I was younger. Unfortunately I think it's doomed to obscurity, but it was nice when it lasted. I guess IT servers have just run their course. :( Hopefully, one day, we get another game in the future that's similar to IT and its private servers and not a cashgrab.


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