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Cringest Things We Said When We Were Little.


Everybody had said things that they now regret, even me. Many people were very little when this happened. What is the cringest thing you said when you were little?
Reply to this topic and write the moment that you said as toddler/kid!

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My Cringest Moment:

Me, My brother, my parents and grandparents went to the State Fair. We would look at the animals and eat food. I don't remember much of the fair. When we were outside of the pig enclosures, I yelled at the top of my lungs,"THAT'S WHERE RIBS COME FROM!". A few kids started crying that I ruined their innocence. Everytime my Mom brings it up, I die in a big hole of cringe. I was a toddler.  :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

I asked why we spell the word colour instead of color, because most of my friends online were american. That was a 3 hour long argument between my parents, and me. >_>

Your knowledge is amazing. I like to read the comments of everyone.

Hmm let's see... My cringest thing I said was when I said "Canada is apart of America" No, not like literally, like it was claimed by it.


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