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Feralheart vs Last moon

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Yeah, when I came to check on FH it did say that. I wonder why.....

Yeah... The registration opens and closes at random times. I've checked a journal from the Fh art group in Deviantart and it says it's because people abuses registration and creates a lot of accounts and the FH staff want the site and the game to run without hiccups.

I wonder if they refer to multi-accounts (one person creating more than one account) or individual accounts...

Anyway, why would ppl want to make so many accounts? You don't get more items! I don't understand them.

And aww, so nice to hear so from you guys ;w;

I actually really hate elitism, so you best treat your co-players like if you are one of them, because you are.


The extra accounts are used by roleplayers to spy and harass other rp groups and of course cause drama!
In an old rp group where I was, there was a case of a single person using cca 13 accounts to troll and cause drama and conflict.


Iirc I saw 'super' mess with the fh source on a stream once, i think specifically messing with character movement speed, but it all hints now that kah might have it due the recent...uh event/messup/deception that happned...

Regardless of it. If they don't have the source code,
they can still repalce models and make new markings and items, basically the FH update is not an update but a big, lame mod!
Thats why they couldn't rename buttswing yet they could change the animation.



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