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Feralheart vs Last moon

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Let's see what you guys like! I used to play Feralheart, but then it got boring cause' you just sit and talk.

the fh staff are corrupted and the community is shit.

the game has gone downhill since you have to keep open the webpage to actually get on the game.

i used to have fun on the webpage just rpin' and talking with blastchat, but because the shitty staff couldn't "moderate correctly" they took it the fuck off. but its not like they couldn't silence or ban via the forum we were on.

even if it is, how fucking red put it, the grandfather of all IT servers, its still p shitty. (and Impressive Title was still the first, FH came later.)

And not to mention, the staff there are nearsighted assholes. Someone got banned because of having a nonbinary character.

Like Sin said, the staff is total crap. My friend was banned for DANCING. Seriously, community also is terrible. I get a lot of "BE MY MOMMY! or when I am using my male characters, "BE MY MATE!"

I do admit to do that when I was new. I only play feralheart now, if I ever get unbanned for friends, like the one I mentioned banned for dancing.

Feral heart was hacked once, mods got hacked makes me feel amazing because they are like the worst. *le smile*

I get banned every time I get back. So, of course out of the two games, I personally think that Last Moon is a much better game.

Last Moon has a pleasant community. I have yet to see trolls ingame and even on the website. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Feral-Heart on the other hand seems to radiate some kind of indifference and I have seen mean people around. Sure, it isnt the game's fault, it is more about the staff and how they do their jobs. Do they actually stop negative behavior? According to what I have seen so far... No. No, they dont.

Last Moon has an open and friendly staff, who want to stay close and chat. They dont just sit around. They are active, talking, just being part of the community, while also do a good job in keeping order. Fh's staff is silent and distant. They make it clear they are the 'top predators' on the game and want to make sure you know your place. They have a small clique they keep around, though.

In the past years, FH was not going anywhere. They kept telling their players that the reason why there is no update is because the source code is gone. This is why they cannot add items, markings or edit the models. People believed them but eventually they could not stop them from leaving out of boredom. The ONLY reason they actually updated the game was because -according to rumors- the FH source code got leaked and now there is another FH clone in the making. People were thrilled by the news and the staff did not like it. Otherwise, they would not have made an update.

If the code really got leaked or not... I dont know. But it is quite a coincidence that right after the information was revealed, suddenly FH is updated.

Anyway, Last Moon has and always will be better than FH. Mainly because it offers so many things beside just sitting around and chatting. Hunting, the trade system and pets, along with more items and animations will always triumph. The staff of FH already said they will never include hunting and pets... This is a big mistake. People want something to do...

Not really sure if the code was leaked, but there is a clone in the making for all to download and use for their own benefit and the overall progression of the game.


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