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What prey/meshes do you want added in Last Moon

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Now that we've got a little help with modelling and meshes, we've decided to compile a list of prey (e.g. mice, lizards, moose) and meshes for maps (e.g. seaweed, rocks, different types of trees) and thought we may as well ask the players what they want!
So go ahead and comment what prey/meshes you'd like to see implemented in the game below.~

Hi yes I'd like to see all of your characters as prey items so I can metaphorically murder you every day and receive moneys for it kthx.

I swear to god you haur


Prey I'd like to see: Squirrels, raccoons, beavers, badgers, more birds, sharks, dolphins, goats, sheep, chickens, piggies, more dragons because dRAGONS, buffalo, skunks, monkeys, otters, kangaroos, owls, deer (prey), african wild dogs, and alligators/crocodiles.

Meshes I'd like to see: Cliffs, small tunnels, some sort of house/hut/shack/thing, tree stumps, rotting logs, more ferns/plants/flowers, a barn, hay bales, "farmy" stuff, fences, and roads (just in case you want to roleplay your character driving an 18-Wheeler Truck)

Anything in bold is stuff I really wanna see added to the game, whether it be DoE or LM!


--- Quote from: Husky on June 07, 2015, 11:29:24 PM ---I swear to god you haur

--- End quote ---

So... That's a no?

--- Quote from: venwolf on June 08, 2015, 04:24:26 AM --- (just in case you want to roleplay your character driving an 18-Wheeler Truck)

--- End quote ---

Actually, I've got just the person to use for that. Haru approves.

I'd kinda like to see some glow worms and stalagmite/stalactites for some bomb diggity cave maps


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