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Introductions / Howdy!
« on: October 09, 2018, 06:18:16 AM »
Howdy! (As the title says! How creative. I hope I am putting this into the right place, if not, I apologize!)

I signed up today here, I have been playing Last Moon since... I am not sure, 2016 or something? Or even longer, but my memory's blurry, since I stopped playing it for a long while. I played it a bit today again and I decided to check out the forum. Here I am.

Name's Ano, you can also call me.. Ano. Or Gideon, if you want to. (Or come up with a new nickname! xD)Let's see, what's there to say about me... I'm 19 years old, I was born June 24th 1999 and I live in germany! English is my second language, so apologies in advance if my vocabulary fails on me in certain situations.
I graduated last year, sadly I don't have a job yet. My hobbies include art, more art and art. But also gaming and sewing. I started to get my hands on fursuit making, too. It's fun, but expensive and messy.

I'm a very open minded, genuine person. (Although I can be sarcastic and my humour is very dry.) Furthermore am I hard to offend, so don't worry about it too much. I try to be there for people and help them as much as I can, despite being a hot head, but that has to do with some other schtuffs that's not important for here now.
I hope to have a good time on here 'nd meet a few new peeps! Feel free to ask me stuff or come and just talk to me.


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