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Tutorials / Starry's Slender-killing Methods Guide
« on: January 20, 2015, 06:32:32 PM »
Hello guys! During my time on LM, I noticed many people were having trouble with killing Slender Wolf, albeit for it's quest or not. In here, I am posting the ways I get around to kill it without getting wounded.

This is Aaron, my hunting character. He uses the 'Spiked Bear' model, given that model has larger health and deal more damage. His pet is a Land Dragon, which has slow, yet powerful, attacks.

Method 1: A Roarin' Loud Death
NOTE: This method is cheaper, but Slender takes long to be killed because your pet only attacks when your character is in a close distance and melee attacks the prey.

The first thing to be done is getting roars. This can be done by either killing prey that drop that skill or, it's the best way in my opinion, buying from the Bazaar. It costs medals, yet it's a lot faster. 50 Roars are 1 bronze at the Skills NPC. It's recommended to fill your stock, 250 of them.

After you're done, just go into Slandyman Forest. It might spawn at the first try, but if not, just hop through dimensions until you can see him.

After he's found, just click him, but do not let your character attack him with normal attacks, or else you can get wounded without Cures/Super Cures. Just fly up, press F4, and click anywhere with the Roar skill on. You'll probably see Slendy's health lowering, which means the skill worked. Remember what I said regarding having a lot of skills? It took me a lot just to get him killed.

However, when you're done, he drops a lot of Super Cures and either a tie or a ruby (In a low chance). If you were on the Slender Wolf quest, you can pick the tie up, if that's what it dropped, stash it and complete the quest.

General / Starry's Bunker Of Emotes {Reborn!}
« on: October 21, 2014, 06:43:07 PM »
Finally! After half an year on waiting with a broken PC, I've finally got a new notebook! And, of course, that means I can get back to coding emotes!

READ FIRST! In order for the emotes to work ingame, open the UnitEmotes.cfg file found inside your Last Moon/Game folder (Shortcut at Start Menu) and place the code for each emote you want between the last code and the # icon.

Emote Batch 1 (Mar 2014)

Have you ever felt so tired from running that you couldn't express yourselves by just saying it? Try using this!



Do you feel tired from running, but still, want to show it in a funny way? Then, for you, this one is the best:



Did you ever eat that rotting, terrible piece of food? Then this one is for you:

Emote Batch 2 (Oct 2014)

From here, the emotes are newer, from after I got the notebook.

Yet More Disgusted

Have you ever felt something so nasty in your mouth that you'd like to just spit out? Were you so disgusted you wouldn't even like to remember? Then, this is for you:


Not Amused

Have you ever heard one of those jokes that, differently from making you laugh, just gives you that "Are you talking to me?" look? Then, this is for you:


Very Sleepy

Is your head growing heavy on your neck? Is your vision blurring up all the time? Well, before going to sleep, try this:


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