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we will try but idk about that
General / Re: Damn its been awhile
« Last post by Jeffersonz on Today at 07:27:37 AM »
What do I know about the forum is not enough to suggest more sources?
Can you explain more or recommend a good resource?
sorry i reply wrong one
do i have to buy paint tool??


-Maybe we can fix the grounds' collision not lining up with the ground please?
-Fix manes and tufts not aligning to models.
-Fix items not aligning to models.
-Texture items and portals that haven't yet been textured.
-Some portals in portal island get hidden by the walls sometimes.
-A few years ago I reported the floating platforms in ascension island didn't have any collision, and to this day, they still haven't been fixed.
-Why does grass more often than not have more collision than trees?
-Add more manes, tails, and markings to models.
-If the underwater world glitch hasn't been fixed yet, please fix this world from crashing players.



-The Farm
(All sorts of outside farm animals spawn here.)
 (Chicken, cats, and mice spawn here.)

(All sorts of mythical flying creatures spawn here.)

(Dogs and cats spawn here)

(Cows spawn here.)

-Special event
(Special staff-held events could be hosted here, or games like 4 squares could be held here too.)

(Goats, hawks, and eagles spawn here.)[/color]



-Umbrella hat
(Aquatic animals drop these in underwater world)

-Cat toboggan
(praise cats drop these rarely)

-Extra set of arms
(Get them from a special halloween quest. This item is a set of arms that go on the sides of the player. [body item])

-Bunny stuffed animals
(Dropped by hares)

-Lion/wolf pawprint shards
(Lion and/or wolf pawpads)

-Moon shard
(full moons)

-MLP shard
(The mane 6 characters)

(Go on the top and bottom set of teeth. In different colors. You get this from a quest involving a dentist NPC looking for equipment he lost/needs)






-Frog NPC
[Name: Frog prince or Frogger]
(Asks you to kill insects like butterflies, grasshoppers, ect. because he is hungry and his servant is on vacation.)

-Lion NPC
[Name: Cowardly lion]
(Asks you to kill small harmless animals because he gets scared easily.)

-Unicorn NPC
[Name: Unico, Uniqua, or Unique Majesty]
(Asks you to collect some rare items for her because she is a rare item collecter in exchange for a rare shard that she ironically hates.)

-Clownfish NPC in underwater world
[Name: Nemo]
(Asks you to kill a lot of big aquatic animals because they want to eat him in exchange for a Triton fork.)


I will edit this post as I come up with more ideas. Expect a lot of updating, and stay tuned!

Also, if you need ideas, models, music, maps, ect, visit this website here:
It has all sorts of models and stuff that you can use for free, with permission of course.
Game Help / Question about living ice
« Last post by darkleolyonn on June 23, 2018, 06:48:07 PM »
What critter should I kill to obtain living ice? I know where it spawns, but which critter should I kill? Hints?
Game Help / Re: My Password wont work in-game..
« Last post by PaperCut on June 21, 2018, 10:57:48 AM »
Steps to follow first:
Game and forum aren't linked, you will need to make a separate account for the game & forum.
Make sure caps lock isn't on.
Make sure your username is spelled correctly.
Make sure your internet connection is stable.
If you make an account using the same username as the account you're unable to assess in-game, it could be your account was never made or you've forgotten that game and forum are not linked. Accounts wont be deleted unless it's confirmed by the owner, and even then it's rare that something has happened to your in-game account.
Only an administrator can assess your in-game details, you will need to contact them if you wish to retrieve any lost passwords.
We won't ask for your password, please don't post it or privately message anyone with it unless you understand the risk, however a verified staff member may require your email you used for your in-game account if it differs from the forums details. They will check your IP or previous IP's, if they match your forum details you may regain access to your account, and your password will be reset. However I cannot confirm this, speak to any Admin in private (Rak, Myz or Dutchval.) and they can get back to you about this request.

Other options:
If you've forgotten your password, you may need to contact an Administrator with your in-game username & details so they may reset it. Otherwise, you could always create a new account, and privately message the staff team to confirm that you've moved to a separate account, and wish to have the other deleted from the game.

Please make sure you triple check your spelling, caps lock, or different country keyboard before you confirm you have forgotten your account details.

Leaving/Hiatus / Re: The Final Farewell.
« Last post by Alexis 1123 on June 21, 2018, 04:49:59 AM »
same Dice but we're goin miss u hope u comin back hope so have a good time ^^
Introductions / Re: [tips cowboy hat] howdy
« Last post by Alexis 1123 on June 21, 2018, 04:47:55 AM »
Welcome to lastmoon ^^
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