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Looking For A Preset Artist!


Hello there! I'm currently looking for a preset artist, to make a preset of a random surprise prefect, based off things that I like. Please note: Payment is 6 silver medals, Green Bubble (item), Sunset Bubble (item) -- Both from Bazaar

(Please name the preset 'For Eryn', or 'Eres')

I like:
Tuft 12
Tail 1, 2, and 3
The lion base (Original)
Any side/flipped/short manes are okay
Colorful base & markings
Glowy stuff is really fun!
Tiger stripes
Swirly markings
Pink, blue, black, red, white, brown, tan, light brown, chocolate brown, maroon, silver/greyscale

If this violates any rules, please lock/PM me.

(Preset must be playable, and whoever takes up on this, I'd like the files to be sent to myself, so that I may keep the preset.)

PM me if interested.


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