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G'day pals.

Some of you might remember me as 'darknight56'
I've recently gone through quite the rough road and still am traveling down it trying to recover, it is not advised that I stay in such a nice community with my current state being rather low. I've been around for long enough to know that I shouldn't have been in that community with me being in such a depressing state and that I'd know that someday I wouldn't be able to handle being on any types of social interaction games. I've gotten to that stage where I don't want to see, talk, or be near anyone anymore. I've been here for quite the time and it has been amazing for that period of time but these last few years have gone down hill, but just know it wasn't this amazing community that did it, it was a trauma that I had irl. So Goodnight/Day forever, Special thanks to Cloudfish, alexis123, whitesnow, Cookee, joshtiger, all the other pals.  Goodbye you amazing people.

Sorry to see you go DK, please be safe and recover swiftly, hope to see you again one day.

Alexis 1123:
;-; Dark..... i miss uuuuuuuu and i hope u will be recover ;;-;;

I'm sorry I wasn't around more. I've been having a lot of ups and downs too. I felt alone every time I came online and seeing you come hang out with me and talk was always nice. Take it easy, friend.


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