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Author Topic: A Song From My Heart To The One I Love  (Read 1519 times)

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A Song From My Heart To The One I Love
« on: November 05, 2014, 03:35:30 AM »
   I sighed and padded through the forest, my tail swishing back and forth. The trees swayed back and forth, shaking leaves from its branches. It was almost Leaf-bare and the trees knew it. I closed my eyes for one moment. A small guitar lay strapped to my back.
      I calmly walked up to a oak tree rooted next to a calm river. I sat down and took my guitar in my paws as I leaned against the tree. I felt alone, I felt sad. I wanted to see him, I missed him.
      A tear rolled down my face as I started strumming a song on my guitar with one of my claws.

    I loved him too much, with the stars as my witness, that is a fact.
     I wish he was here, right by my side.
     Winning his heart was my goal, I lived to comfort his soul.     
     I know I'm a freak, and I know I'm a weirdo.     
     But I do not care, because I love him forever!   
     I know now, that I can't admit.
     I love him now, I love him as long as I live. 

I looked up at the moon and howled with determination. I would see him again! Nothing will stop me!
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Re: A Song From My Heart To The One I Love
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