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Admirer.. {PART ONE}


By the way, its about a cat so your not confused

I cant feel anything... My legs are weak... I need her... Shes gone!

I weakly wake up in a sweat i wipe my paw over my forehead my head aches... It feels like someone pounded a sledge hammer to my head... Ugh... 

The cat stops her thoughts and struggles to get out of the dumpster she lives in. Her paws ache from the bag of pins some human left...

I need HER

She swallowed and went to the ally way, seeing a box of some chicken nuggets labeled with a large yellow "M" on it. Two other cats sit around it watching it. She bounds forward and rolls over grabbing it and leaping away acting very innocent. She went back to her dumpster pushed the top open and gulped it down gasping for air when she finished.

She turned and saw H E R.

Her breathing slowed.

She felt weak.

She jumped out to get to her.

She swallowed and put her paw on her.

The other she-cat turned and she fell back.

The she-cat looked very pretty compared to her admirer.

Her admirer's fur was ruffled and dirty.

She really needed a cleaning.

She nuzzled the cleaner one.

"Im... Im... Yale..." she said

The prettier one turned.

"Im Fae, nice to meet you Yale.."

Yale quivered and smiled.

Very cool!! *clap*


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