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Depression Poetry, Darknight 56's emotions

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--- Quote from: Orchy on September 18, 2017, 04:50:50 PM ---I've had some of the same issues Dark, and if you need ANYTHING ever at all,
 you can message me here, I am here for you, just like you are here for everyone else. Also I would like to point out this is a very emotional poem and it is amazing, it helps me out, I have depression, I take meds for it, but lately i haven't been. This helps me understand more. Thank you Dark, Love ya buddy. <3 You are a great friend, just keep your chin up. :) *hugs you tightly* I have faith everyone with depression can get through this, including you an me.

--- End quote ---
Cheers for your kind words Orchy! I am glad this piece actually help ye, It's wot I was aimming for in the first place, It's great to know that ye have faith but it's seem to be something that I can't simply find..   \_(ツ)_/ It's not as simple as I thought it'd be but I will soon be the one to find faith and happiness again I hope.

I wish you luck Dark, again I am here for you if you need me. <3


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