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G'day everyone who is willing to read my Poetry, I wrote this for the awareness of depression and suicidal thoughts. I've been through this stuff myself lately but I am coping! I am getting to the point of recovery soon. Getting the help and support I need so I'm still kicking life's ass.. Anyway I decided to share this piece with ye today, I hope I can help people with my Poetry and to think twice before making harmful decisions. (Please note, I didn't do this for attention seeking):

Depression is like your own personal world..
Its a world that makes you feel like you don't belong anywhere..
Its a world where nothing matters...
Its a world where no one cares... Not one bit..
Its like a bathtub full of a water..
All that water...
Is your life going down the drain..
It makes you feel like no one is here for you, it makes you believe that if you were gone... No one would notice...
It makes you think like tablets or suicide is the only way out of your problems..
It makes you think that...
That rope that your placing around your neck would change how life was..
It makes you think... all your problems will be fixed...
But what it really is..
Is a UNFIXED problem that will NEVER be solved..
Life is a gift...
Sadly that gift comes with its own person who is diffrent then the rest...
Its alright to be diffrent..
Its alright to have problems...
But its not alright...
Its not alright..
You all deserve a happy life..
Some of us have very rough roads..
We just need that special someone to guide us...
It makes us think that this gun we are holding in our mouths..
Is the trigger to freedom when all it is, is another way out
It makes us think that we are nothing we are worthless...
It makes us feel like we have failed multiple people..
It makes us feel like the world would be a better place without us...
It makes us think...
Killing ourselfs is the only way out of depression
You're not the only one with this problem..
Lets face it...
Many of us have this problem...
But all it takes...
For people to believe that you are enjoying life..
When you really just want to end it all on the people you love
It makes you feel like your unloved
It makes reality feel like the past..
It makes you feel like jumping off a building..
It plays with your Mind
The mind is a Powerful Weapon..
If you have no weapon..
Let me be your weapon, your support...
Never give up hope because it's always never too late...
Faith will soon be ours...

I wrote this all by myself in one of my depressing times, I hope ye enjoy my Poetry about Depression. (feel free to PM me about anything at all!)
Your friendly community member Knight

Its very beautiful & emotional, I'm sorry you went through all this, I've never experienced depression at its full potential. But I've seen people who have experienced it and chose suicide cause of it. And I've helped many who suffered from it, and most are alive and living life to the fullest. I'm always here for you, so don't be afraid to contact me on discord or here. I'm here to help & to support you through anything, so don't be afraid to call me up! But other than that, once again, the poet is incredible, I love the emotion put into it and the truth. Defiantly would be helpful to anyone who is or has been dealing with depression and/or suicidal thoughts. Just remember there is always a bright side at the end of every tunnel, we've all dealt with issues in our lives, mentally and physically. The best thing you could do when you're feeling down is doing something you love, such as sleeping, drawing, sitting outside, listening to music, playing games, etc. Or to vent towards someone, or use art or something you enjoy to release all the emotions. You'll make it through, just stay strong.

Cheers for the support pal, I know these problems will come and go in my life, I just have to cope with it more and get to know more people so I can chat to them. I'll sure contact ye on discord again, i'd love to chat. Cheers for your kind words pal!



--- Quote from: Dark Knight on September 17, 2017, 02:44:00 AM ---Cheers for the support pal, I know these problems will come and go in my life, I just have to cope with it more and get to know more people so I can chat to them. I'll sure contact ye on discord again, I'd love to chat. Cheers for your kind words pal!


--- End quote ---
You're welcome! Things will always get better. And yes, best to do is stay strong about it and vent towards people you're comfortable with, help is always around. Aight, I'm LOSER#3030, I'm always online and I'd love to hear more from you and to help! No problem, I hope you have a great day!

I've had some of the same issues Dark, and if you need ANYTHING ever at all,
 you can message me here, I am here for you, just like you are here for everyone else. Also I would like to point out this is a very emotional poem and it is amazing, it helps me out, I have depression, I take meds for it, but lately i haven't been. This helps me understand more. Thank you Dark, Love ya buddy. <3 You are a great friend, just keep your chin up. :) *hugs you tightly* I have faith everyone with depression can get through this, including you an me.


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