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Draco's ready to start selling her items! She will be selling and trading many items that might just fit you. Also some items are cheaper here than at the item buyers in Bazaar! Please PM Draco1182 if you want a request or want more info.

Questions And Answers:
Q: Where can we come see you?
A: Come see me at Bazaar. I will be in the empty tent. Or I might be at Portal Island just selling and trading.

Q:Can we trade items?
A:Of course! But I would like a fair trade meaning NO FREE ITEMS (White winged wolf, ect)


Items (In Stock):
Cadence Hammer (6)= 3 Silver Medals (Each)
Brown Eggs (2)=3 Bronze Medals (Each)
Christmas Hat (2)=1 Silver (Limited Edition) (Each)
Smiley Tie (2)=1 Silver (Each
Easter Egg Basket (1)=5 Bronze
Christmas Bell (1)=4 Bronze
Pinkie Bracelet (1)=2 Bronze
I love LM (Note) (1)=2 Bronze
Rainbow Guitar (2)=2 Silver
More Coming Soon!



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