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ART (part 4 )


Well, I better explain my absence. I am still alive. I was just too lazy to get on LM forums. My visits may be spotty in June due to 8th grade finals and a Field Trip to Niagara Falls. I was still working on art for the forums during my absence.

(Base By: Tesseri-Shira ) Brutus, the Gang leader.

(Base By: Tesseri-Shira ) Keith, gang member in Brutus's gang. He normally has a hook at his stump, But this time he doesn't.

(Base By:Kainaa ) A free adoptable. Reply if you want her.

(Base Made by 3l3ctric-p0n3, Original drawing By Savu.) Isis and Unknown Lioness.

I will make more drawings in the future! Stay Tuned!


Love the first one with the studded collar, and the purple adoptable, very classy ;)

Thank you.


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