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CnderAngel14's art! Plus animations come as you will! ButFirst give me a cookie!

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Greetings! Here is some artwork that I did. Also later on in the post, you can watch my animations. Warning some of them are old tho, but I will let you know what's actually my some what new. ( even though they're like kinda old now ish. I haven't been animating in a while until recently again.)

First off before I show you my art, people do mistaken my species being dragons. Letting you know, they are not dragons they are dream creatures that look like dragons. :3 ( I have a group about them, if you want to learn more. )

Alright one last thing before I begin, on Angel and Cnder term. ( I have even explain this in the game, on their bios. ) Angel and Cnder is actually me, as a Dream Rayvern, like a persona, I don't use the term character or oc on them. As it feels not right to me, since they were made for guidance when I was little. So I use the term OF stands for Owners Form for easier explanation, just to let you know. ^ ^

Now that's out of the way, let me show you my art. :3 ( Btw those are like, my drawing isn't perfect, its not me. It was my drawing tablet, it wasn't install correctly to draw nicely. )
First artwork that I did, is this one. Angel is in the water with the crawlys, ( another species that I created. They're dinosaurs, but water ones. ) Tropical is flying, while Aqua is swimming those two are my Dream Rayverns characters.

This one is older than the other one. And also a preview for my comic book, which is on hold for now.

Here is Cnder carrying a scroll from swimming in the water, while Sparrow is behind her.

Here is another, which is both Cnder and Angel. ( even though they are the same person, and have a split personality thing. I like drawing myselfs together. ) My friend made the sketch on paper, and I did the rest on digital, we did this together for a LGBTQ contest on DA.
It was really fun working together on it. Cnder is the left side, and Angel is right.

Here is another one, my friend helped me naming the ship. XD ( Cause if you know how they are together, from my book that I written. You probably would ship them too! The ship is called, AngieCyn. ) I made this one, when it was Christmas shorta. ( I was late. )

This here is my recent ones. This artwork is an actual artwork, for my game wise!

Here is a comic cover, of Cnder's story that I am working on. ( Again on hold for now. I only did one page. Let me know if you want me to sent you the link to the page. :) )

Another artwork for my game, of Cnder but holding the crystal in her hands. I am actually want to make that crystal in real life, in crafts wise.

Alright a few more I will show you. ^ ^
This here is a artwork of up coming comic book, that I want to work on. This here is Starlin, which is about my character named Starheart, or Star for short.

Here is an actual artwork that I made for a t-shirt, XD. A dinosaur drinking soda, those who love soda and dinosaurs. I guarantee you will love this! ^3^  Btw those who want it on a shirt, I own a redbubble store, and its there. :) Here is a link, if you want to check it out or purchase it.

And here is Cyngel with Zim, which is from another comic book I am working on. ( For now working on the script for it. XD Btw those who are wondering what Cyngel looks like, that is her on the left. When Angel and Cnder are both combine. :3 P.s I do not own Zim btw. It just a fan fiction comic book.)

One more art for now, this is old but these two. Are Zohraa and Zreepy, they are characters from my own show, that I want to animate some day. Its kinda like Tom and Jerry for example, only there's love.

Now for the animations! I will only show you, my good ones, old top and new bottom.

( I am not sure what is going on with the youtube links, they are actually correct. But I am just gonna show you, my whole animation play list. )
Animations list.

If you see The giant cookie. A lot of my friends love this one, and I want make a remake, and part 2 of it.
If you see the one with the towels.
This one is actually a hilarious true story. XD When I was finished taking a shower, as I was about to grab a towel, I actually said this. It was so funny, that I had to actually animate it!

If you see the one, if only that was easy.

This one is extremely old! I was still trying to figure out things with Cnder's design. ^ ^ I plan to remake this some time in the near future.

#Invalid YouTube Link#

Now for my recent animations. :)

This one is a top good one, here is Cnder. This here is a work in progress for a trailer animation for my game.

Here is an improvement eye that I did. ^ ^

Here is Angel walking on two legs. ^ ^ I was practicing the two legged walking cycle. ( Also Rayverns can walk on two and four. )

Here is a switcher animation, they don't switch this way anymore tho.

And here is Cnder when she is all mad about some thing. ( Her angry is worse than this. ^ ^" )

That is about it for now, I hope you enjoy my work. :) If you want to check it out, feel free to browse my deviant art gallery, and watch my youtube videos!

Deviant art:


I love these, the way you also drew the water is good. You keep this up, and you'll improve in ways you've never even imagined. Keep up the amazing work, I hope to see more from you. :)


--- Quote from: PaperCut on April 27, 2018, 05:05:21 AM ---I love these, the way you also drew the water is good. You keep this up, and you'll improve in ways you've never even imagined. Keep up the amazing work, I hope to see more from you. :)

--- End quote ---

Thank you so much! :D Thankfully I have reach to what desire of type of art I want, which is cartoon/a bit realistic, but I do hope to improve in great backgrounds like in cartoon or movies. ^ ^ ( And in game artwork wise. )

Oh you will! :)

Great art style bud, keep it up bud


--- Quote from: Dark Knight on April 27, 2018, 05:29:11 AM ---Great art style bud, keep it up bud

--- End quote ---

Thank you so much! ^ ^


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