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Author Topic: 10/1 LM & DoE Updates: Anniversary and Previews  (Read 7807 times)

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10/1 LM & DoE Updates: Anniversary and Previews
« on: January 10, 2015, 03:58:34 PM »
Last Moon
So, as of mid January, Last Moon will be two years old. We've decided to hold events like Four Corners and Look-Alike contests to give players a chance to win some medals or other cool prizes! There will also be a birthday update with a new map and hopefully new items for you all to enjoy. We're all super excited to celebrate this special event with you guys, and we hope to see you at the events!
The games will be taking place on Saturday the 10th and Saturday the 17th and hosted by Husky and Dutch. The Christmas event will be removed when this update is implanted which has no official date yet.
Also, Husky is now in charge of running the LM dA group so if there are any issues with the group or you have any questions about it, ask her! She will also be adding people to contributors (usually only staff members) so if you want to help out by accepting/declining submissions, send her a message.

Member News
We now have 6000+ registered members on the forum, which is more than 1000 since our last update thread about two weeks ago! Wow!
Top Poster: Abomine (147 posts)
Top Topic Starter: Big Blu (29 topics)
Highest Total Time Online: Bazookaneon (10d 16h 46m)
We get an average of 30-50 players online in the game at a single time during the week and 50-70 on weekends.

Staff News
Staff remaining on Last Moon:
Myz, RakshaWw, Dutchval, Husky, Haruki, Saii, SuperNoodlePot, Joshtiger.
Staff moving to DoE:
Myz, RakshaWw, Forests, Zaroque, Rimisa, Pamuya, Zombie, Quammar, StarryNightSoul, FaintSilhouette, CrossOver, WarFang, Rika, Bholoni, Miki101, all new staff members.
Staff still deciding/inactive:

New Games' Progress
We usually put up a few preview images with every news thread but from now on we won't be doing that for small things. You can see new progress on our DoE dA group of which Rika is in charge of running.