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A way Overdue Thread *PLEASE READ*

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Heya Everyone! We're not dead! I promise!
And I finally have some stuffs to show you, now that dutch finally got some shit done!

So first things first, There's 3 things I wanna talk about:
1) The Winter Update
2) Opening Staff Applications
3) Discord Channel (waitwhat)

Winter Update

There's a sneak peak for ya ;)
We've got a set of new items, prey, maps, AND NPCs coming up for you guys as well as some quests to accompany them
All of the textures, models and much of the main concepts come from our very own talented Vessan, so if you happen to catch her ingame, don't forget to give her a big thanks!

Opening Staff Applications

So we need another moderator ingame to keep up with the troublemakers currently ingame.
Many of our current higher ups have gone MIA and no way of contacting them, unfortunately.
So we need at least one, maybe two moderators to help us out.
We also may be looking for a coding dev, so if anyone has a niche for that, please make an application, and we may consider it.


Discord? wats a discord deutchvaal?
Discord works much like Skype and Teamspeak, but with more capabilities.
I've considered a massive Last Moon Skype group for everyone to join in on, however Skype has limitations on permissions, and its capabilities so it never came to be.
However, since Discord is becoming more of a hit, I'm sure a hand full of you have an account on there by now.
I've set up a rough outline of a Discord already, all I need now are the people to use it xD
The channel will probs get more fleshed out the more we use it, so keep that in mind!
Here's the link to join:

I give, many likes.

I want to make an application for a moderator, where shall I post my application? Thanks! Canine

Under the Topic specifically labeled near the top of the list, "Staff Applications" and then under "Forum Moderator Applications"

Cant wait to see the winter update!

Edit: Do you think I would have a chance in forum mod applications? I mean, I am kind of new still compared to you guys. Wasnt all that active ingame because of work, though. But I am on the forum lots.

Nevermind. Giving it a shot.


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