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Author Topic: LM Preset Submissions/Forum Mod Applications Update 6/6/15  (Read 10400 times)

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LM Preset Submissions/Forum Mod Applications Update 6/6/15
« on: June 06, 2015, 02:06:52 PM »
Hello again everyone! Hope you've all been well since our last little update thread was posted. As you know, we have been working to open up preset submissions again for all of the members in Last Moon, and that time is here. We will however be adding them in in clusters, so you may have to be patient in order to get it in-game. Our staff has been working hard to benefit all players with new ideas and plans to help Last Moon along on its own unique path. Now, onto the nit and grit of the update shall we.

Preset Submissions
As mentioned above, preset submission are now open!. Each preset will cost Ten USD or three diamond medals.
Each player will have a limit of Eight presets.
We hope you enjoy making and having your unique characters in-game!

1) Your Preset’s files need to be correctly named. Your .MATERIAL file needs to use the PS_ prefix. As well, all your image files need to be in PNG format, and use the HeadTex, ManeTex, TeethTex, BodyTex, TailTex, EyeTex, WingTex, (And ScrollTex if your preset is animated).

2)Your Preset cannot greater than or equal to 1MB (1000KB). This is way enough for a high quality preset, and even then 1 MB takes up ALOT of room. Please make your presets as small as possible. That is, for total size, not image size. If you are having trouble with your preset’s size, Use this website: to decrease the size of your preset. Infact, you should use it either way, to compress the size of your preset, without losing quality.

3)You must upload your files to Mediafire, zipped up. To make a .zip file, you need to put all your preset’s files, Script and all Image files, into a folder. Then right click, Send to… , Compressed (zipped) folder. Then upload your .zip file to Mediafire.

4)You are responsible to make sure if your preset works or not. If you are missing files, or your preset doesn’t work, I WILL NOT be running around like a headless chicken trying to figure out what is wrong. If your preset doesn’t work. Fix it, or have someone else fix it. Not me.

How to send in your preset:
1) Collect all your Preset’s Files, .material file, and all image files, and put it in a folder.

2) Zip up that folder into a .zip file

3) Upload the .zip file to Mediafire

4) Copy the link to the Mediafire download

5) Create a Message on the forums, (Personal Message, not Thread), and Paste the link to the Mediafire download onto the message body. Send it either to Me or Dutchval.

6) Click Send!

Forum Mod Applications
That’s right! Forum mod applications, starting right this moment, are now open! Think you got what it takes to help manage the forum? Make a forum mod application in the right subtopic in the apps topic or send it to either Me or Dutchval via PM. PLEASE follow the correct format stated while applying, otherwise we will not take your application seriously.
\\EDIT: Everyone needs to make a new forum mod application, regardless if you made one before! (This applies to those who want to apply to the forum mod application, and not to existing staff members.)
\\EDITIE: Applications for Forum Moderators are CLOSED

We’d like to personally thank all of you folks out there who enjoy Last Moon and all it has to offer. We value your unwavering patience and the sense of community you all have brought here, and appreciate all of the activity and suggestions. Hope you all have a nice day!
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Re: LM Preset Submissions/Forum Mod Applications Update 6/6/15
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2015, 04:13:38 AM »


i have no idea how I'm gonna get 15 diamonds though. shoot.
or 50 dollars yippie

Well, anyways, always happy to see staff positions opening! I'm uber excited to see all these new presets added to the game! I'm still a bit disappointed that I'm gonna have to work my ass off to get my presets ingame, but hey, pRESEEEETTTTSSS!!!!!!!

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Re: LM Preset Submissions/Forum Mod Applications Update 6/6/15
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2015, 06:15:50 PM »
Woah, cool competition! I would join but I have no diamonds or much knowledge on the concept of  making a preset, plus my mother and father would probably not approve XP
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Re: LM Preset Submissions/Forum Mod Applications Update 6/6/15
« Reply #3 on: December 26, 2015, 05:12:38 AM »
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