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How to complete quests and get items


Quests: Quests can be found in Missionpoint ((the purple portal in front of the cart in Portal Island))
There you'll find vendors who have several quests to complete and be rewarded with medals ((which will be explained later)).
First things first-

-double click on a vendor

-click on a quest and click "Accept Quest"

-press L to open up your quest log

-click on a quest and click "view quest"

-it should show you information on where to go and what to do

-once you've finished the quest, go back to your quest log and click on the quest youve done and click "complete" at the bottom.

-After clicking "complete" a reward will be added to your stash.

Items: Items can be obtained by either hunting prey or bought by vendors in a portal called Bazaar ((the tiny rainbow portal inside the cart in Portal Island)). With the medals you received from your completed quests can be used to buy items here.

Does something cost 1 silver but all you have is 1 gold?
Go to the Medal NPC in Bazaar and have 1 Gold broke down into 10 silvers!

Thank you so much for playing LM and hope this was helpful to you~

thank you.  :)


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