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How to: Make shards



Okay, just a heads up, I can't explain for shit so bear with me please xD

You want to get stuff like your meshes and code, I will give a basic template to download for use, along with the basic codes.

Now, when making your shards, you need to choose a name firstly (duh) for this example, I have chosen my 'derp pickle' Shard.
So the Mesh Name would be PickleShard.mesh (You'll see why later)
The particle and material file MUST have the same name (you'll also see later) as well as the Texture file.

This here is what you should see in the .Material file

--- Code: ---material Pickle
lighting off
scene_blend alpha_blend
depth_write off
texture Pickle.png

--- End code ---

And this is what you should see in the .Particle file

--- Code: ---particle_system Pickle
    material Pickle
    particle_width 8
    particle_height 8
    cull_each false
    quota 10000

    emitter Box
        angle 30
        emission_rate 5.0
        time_to_live 5
        direction 0 1.2 0
        velocity_min 1
        velocity_max 2
width 10
height 10
depth 1

    affector LinearForce
        force_vector 0.2 0.5 0.1
        force_application add
    affector Scaler
        rate 2
    affector ColourFader2
        alpha1 +1.0

        alpha2 -1.0

        state_change 2
affector ColourFader
red -0.1
green -0.1
blue -0.1
alpha 0.02439
--- End code ---

Where is says 'Particle System' you MUST make sure it's the same name as the particle, material and texture file
Where it says 'Emission Rate' is how fast the particles will emit from the player (It was originally set to 5 in the download I think)
Where it says 'material' goes the name of your Material file
The particle width and height is defaulted at 8. It can be changed for a bigger particle effect.

Now here comes the fun part: Textures!

[font size="1"]they don't call it a derp pickle for nothing cough[/font][/s]

I used GIMP to make these, so bear with me

When making the texture, you MUST have transparency otherwise it will come up as white squares with your tex in the middle.
Save it as .PNG unless you change the pickle.png part of the code to something like pickle.jpg. You can have an endless variety of textures for your shards!

Make sure your mesh goes into the itemsandshards> models part of the files
Make sure the texture, material and particle files go into the particle folder.

Now the items.cfg part.

PickleShard;Pickle Shard;Main;0;0;0;Pickle;0 0.5 0;0

This is where the names come in.

The first part that says 'PickleShard' is your mesh name.

The second part that says 'Pickle Shard' is the name of the item (you can make it like Derp Picklez and it will still work as long as you still have the same texture, mesh and particle unit)

The the third part that says 'Main' is the BONE the item is rigged to. If you get this wrong it will result in a crash. The 'Main' Bone is the body, and you can have things such as 'Tail6' (tail tip) or 'Arm4.L' (left paw) There are many bones you can rig the shards to, including the Head, back legs, and even eyes!

The fourth part that says 'Pickle' is for your Texture, Particle and Material (that's why they all need the same name)

It (hopefully) should turn out like this once you're done!

Sorry 'bout the rude language o-o"

That small line of code up there goes into the Items.cfg document (This one: PickleShard;Pickle Shard;Main;0;0;0;Pickle;0 0.5 0;0 )
WARNING!: Please consult @myz or @rakshaww BEFORE you decide to put this into the Items.cfg as I am pretty sure this will cause the game to force-update, so check their permission first (I tested mine on my own game)

Sorry if this seems confusing in any way and I am completely open to any questions you may have! Also if I neglected to mention anything or I have made a mistake, please let me know!
Thanks for reading~

This is so cool! I need to try this omg! Thank you :3

Is it free to make your own shards? And can you keep them private so no one else gets them but people can see them?o8


--- Quote from: Tenzin8Pema2438 on August 21, 2015, 03:29:42 PM ---Is it free to make your own shards? And can you keep them private so no one else gets them but people can see them?o8

--- End quote ---

For the first question you asked, yes. It is completely free to make shards. For the second, Yes and no. I don't think just anyone could get their own private item right on the spot and by the means that people get their own private item is unknown to me. It appears to be highly unlikely you could just get your own shard in the game, even though some have their own items.

ok i know this is a old post witch im sorry :(

but could you show more about the items.cfg file....
i dont know were to put it....

ill put screen shot here.... (i made sure the texture, particle,and mesh were the same name as it said for Test, Items, and texture)
a little but more detail pllzzz (im much better with more details) after i get it down i can make a shard left and right (if i had time on my hands lol)


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