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Author Topic: How to Upload Images to the Forums (UPDATED)  (Read 66084 times)

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How to Upload Images to the Forums (UPDATED)
« on: February 05, 2017, 04:59:15 AM »
How to Upload Images to the Forums

My old tutorial was getting outdated as the imgur website has been heavily updated since then and I've found it more difficult to upload images.
I've decided to move my tutorial to a different site but feel free to use any image hosting website of your choice! The website in this tutorial is postimage.io

1: First, get your desired image. Have it in a convenient location so it's easy to find when you're uploading.
Spoiler for Image:

2: Next, go to the site postimage.io
Spoiler for Image:

3: You can resize the image if desired. Make sure you have No Expiration selected in the second box.
Spoiler for Image:

4: Now, press Choose Image and find your image in its file location and then click Open.
Spoiler for Image:

5: You'll then be redirected to a site that has a bunch of links on it. Your image has uploaded! Woo!
Spoiler for Image:

6: The only link you need is the Direct Link. Select the entire link and copy it.
Spoiler for Image:

7: Now go into the forum and click the teeny Mona Lisa icon in the little toolbar that appears above the typing window. You'll see the IMG tag appear in the typing window box thing.
Spoiler for Image:

8: Finally, paste your link in between the two IMG tags!
Spoiler for Image:

You now have one spicy meme image on the forums! If your image doesn't appear, you did something wrong, so go back and check each step.
After some practice and time, you'll become a pro at this stuff. It's super easy!
You can also upload groups of images to postimage.io, meaning that you can get a bunch of images up super quickly!

I'm also going to answer some FAQs that I see a lot about image uploading.

What's the difference between the Link and the Direct Link?
It's simple, actually! The Link leads to where the image is located on the web
The Direct Link leads directly to the uploaded image
Always use Direct Links on this forum.

Do I have to use PostImage.io?
Nope! There are SO many different image hosting sites, this one is free and fast which is why I like it so much! Tinypic and Imgur are two other ones you can use.

Does this work in forum signatures too?
Yep! In signatures, you'll need to type the IMG tag yourself though.

What about avatars?
In forum avatars, you just put the link right in the box, no IMG tags needed!

Hope this helps! Enjoy!

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Re: How to Upload Images to the Forums (UPDATED)
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2020, 12:06:39 PM »
Thank for giving tips on Image uploading and also good for uploading via different sources