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Pandemic's tiny guide. #1


Are you loving pets? Tips about finding one. [Go to Bazaar. xD]

1. Get tame points. You can get from Dire Fennec Fox, Elephants, and Elder Elephants. [I dunno more]. [I don't know, reach like 200 for normal animals and over 300 for boss animals]
2. Pick the pet you like. I would put the example a simple Crane.
3. Get crane's health low, like, almost ready to die.
4. Tame it! Don't fight or cure it. Just click the crane, while your skills are at Tame.
5. When done, enjoy! And remember to cure it, you hurted it pretty bad.

If you don't like it, just write in the chatbox [Without the '.' ]  ./releasepet

I hope it helped. I think you knew these. :3


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