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Re-sizing Your Image


Have you got an over-sized image or screenshot? Is it just making browsing just that bit more difficult? Well, I have a solution that you'll enjoy looking into. (For those noobs, I have attached a series of images to help make it easier)

Recently you may have seen my [img={width}x{height}]http://code fail to work... Well er, I hereby present to you the "Pic-Resize" which eliminates all of that useless code etc.

Go unto the site and pick to get the image from either "Your Computer" or "From Web". Basically to use the second feature, simply find an image and copy and paste its URL into the provided space. As to use first feature, simply click "Browse".

After selecting you image, click "Continue", you should be now directed to a page where your picture is displayed and around you should have features like "Crop", "Rotate", "resize" and other special effects etc.. Like so;

Once you are done; click the "I'm done, resize my pic" button. Automatically you should be directed to a page that looks like this, you can go from there hun!

Alternatively you can use the following; Ez-gif (GIF Resizer) to resize those troublesome gifs of yours!


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