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Hello all! With future plans to reorganize LM and its components, a focus of ours is to reduce game file size (so it doesn't take 5 hours to install/update) by prioritizing files and retracting ones that aren't in use anymore! This especially means presets.

This is not a thread for preset submissions. Those will be taken care of in another post to come, which will address previously submitted presets, as well. (:

If you have any EXISTING presets attached to your account and would like for them to remain in-game, please reply to this post with your account username and the name of your preset character! This post will likely remain open for a couple of weeks as the next game update is compiled and prepared for implementation.

If, by chance, you missed this thread before the update, don't worry! Your preset files will still exist, just shoot a message to either CloudFish or myself for it to be added back in.

Keep an eye out for future updates! Wishing you all a happy summer~

Account: Haruki
Character name: Champagne

So glad you guys are doing this! Keep up the good work!

Alexis 1123:
Username: Alexis1123 chars Huskys (For blue one)   Username Alexis1123 Chars Alexis (for rainbow)

All mine can be removed




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