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Last Moon as of July 2019


Staff Changes
Cloudfish has returned and taken on the role of Lead Community Manager/Admin along with Mac/Kahuna.
We also welcome JoFoMo as a Game Master/Developer, they may be bringing new greater things to Last Moon through code.
These three have willingly taken on the position in hope to bring new life to Last Moon.
Staff de/promotions from here on are in the hands of our new Lead CMs.
Current Staff List

Last Moon Updates
I apologize that Last Moon didn't get the promised updates over 6 months ago.
Here's to hoping our new staff can change that.
It'll be up to them what new things come to Last Moon and when.
The current Forum Rules and Game Rules still apply. It'll be announced if any changes are ever made to these rules.

Dawn of Eternity and NameTBD
Dawn of Eternity is still being kept afloat by Lead Game Master/Developer, Rika.
New project NameTBD has been on hold for quite a while. It is unknown at this stage if development will ever resume.


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