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Removal of WoW Objects from the game

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Recently it has come to our attention that the WoW meshes ingame can no longer be used. For anyone who doesn't know, WoW stands for World of Warcraft.
We have been using these meshes for a long time, but we've found out that we must remove them from the game.
This means that we will be phasing out the meshes as soon as we can and replacing them with our own creations.
The benefits of this change will be great, as you will see new pets and objects popping up in replacement of WoW pets and objects.
Ves and I made this decision, as it is needed because of copyright and such.

You might ask why this is in the Updates & News section, when it's not that important?
Well. Yes it is. We can't discuss whether or not we want to take the meshes out of the game. We have to.

In the future, you could possibly see a design contest for the prey we make to replace the old WoW stuff!

I know this change may seem abrupt for some, but this thread serves the purpose to warn you about the changes. The rest of the team and I have great things planned, but this had to happen.

Stay tuned, everyone! ;)

*thumbs up*

lotus flower:
understood :D

I didn't even know there was anything WoW related meshes in-game. LOL

I really liked the trees and such of the WoW meshes but I'm sure the new plants will look great as well. Already the trees which Vess posted looked awesome <: I'm sure we won't miss these meshes a lot because there'll be great new stuff made by our staff.

Rip my cute Land Dragon


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