April 24, 2018, 04:03:09 PM


Read the rules and then scroll down to start downloading the game.

  • 1. English ONLY!
    We understand that not everyone can speak English, but we'd like to keep this server English only due to most users are English speakers, and the staff would have a hard time to know if a user harass another if they speak another language. Although, we wouldn't mind if you and your friends would like to speak another language in Party chat.

    Swearing at or bullying other players is not permitted and will result in a straight away ban. We do not tolerate bullying on Last Moon. Also, any user found using unacceptable account or character names will be asked to remove it, if they don't it will result in an automatic deletion and ban. Spamming in-game is not acceptable. e.g, Full capitals in every sentence.

  • 3. No extreme sexual content.
    We all want to have a little bit of silly fun sometimes, but if it annoys another player, stop straight away.

  • 4. Do NOT hack or alter the game files in any way! This includes making items/prey/maps etc.
    Our Auto Updater prevents any major file changes, although you are still not allowed to attempt to hack the files. If you are wanting to create retextures for prey or items, I'd suggest testing them out with Ogre Meshy then send them to us. If we find anyone with any custom/private maps that they put in, they will be warned to delete the map. If they refuse or lie, saying they did delete it but they haven't, they will get a 2 day ban. Plenty of time to delete the map. If you have Administrator permission, you will be allowed to make maps and test them on Last Moon, but you'll only get permission if that map will end up becoming an official game map or if it's for a large roleplay group.

  • 5. No mini-modding!
    If someone is doing something against the rules, do not try and be a mod and tell them to stop unless it is harming you; If it is harming/offending you, you may attempt to tell them to stop. Simply screenshot the situation and send the picture to a Admin. Or, if a Staff member is on at that moment, call them to the situation.

  • 6. You can NOT claim or tame admin spawned prey
    You can't say "don't touch that, it's mine". With other prey, you can, but not prey spawned by staff. In Default and/or any map administrators spawn prey in, all prey is available to everyone. Any tamed Admin Spawned Prey will be taken from your character immediately. If the prey admins spawn are available to the public in existing maps, you may tame them, not ones only available by admin spawn.

  • 7. Do NOT impersonate any staff or players!
    If a player is caught with a staff members name as their user or character name, that account will immediately be removed from our server as well as a temporary(or in some cases permanent) IP ban.

  • 8. Giving out your account details is at your own risk!
    If you decide to give out your account details to a friend, it is your responsibility to deal with what ever may happen to that account while they are logged in. Bans will not be removed for the excuse of someone else was using your account.

  • 9. Do NOT beg for items or administrator actions!
    Do not run around in-game and ask others to give you items or for staff to spawn something, make an earthquake or make your character bigger etc. Do not harass the admins for items, nor for them to hold contests/races where you can win items. Staff will host contests when ever they feel like doing it, and they won't if you ask!

  • 10. Do NOT steal prey and/or items!
    Do NOT run in and kill the prey someone else is killing unless they ask you to help. If you get the last hit when the prey dies, you'll get the skills if it drops any, and it wouldn't be nice to the person who worked hard to get it's health down. Do NOT wait for a person to kill the prey and then run in and equip the item it dropped. If ONE player killed a prey and it dropped an item, the item is the person who killed the prey's item only, unless she/he says you can have it! If more than 1 person killed the prey and you can't decide who gets the dropped item, let the game decide for you by typing '/roll 1 100' in the chat. The person who gets the highest number wins the item.

  • 11. One account per person!
    Every user is only allowed to have one account with unlimited characters. If you have two or more accounts, contact an admin and they will move all your items and pets from the other accounts to the one you want to keep.

  • 12. NO players under 13 years of age!
    Players under 13 years old will be banned until they turn 13 years of age, no exceptions!

  • 13. DO NOT create drama!
    No drama what-so-ever! If someone starts an argument with them, simply walk away! If it's bullying or insulting to you, tell a staff member if they are online or screenshot it and send it to a staff member! Do not try to resolve things by yourself with arguing.

  • 14. Using the /me command incorrectly is forbidden.
    When using the /me command, putting a tonne of spacing in it, and then typing ((Username)) is forbidden. It causes confusement and can be quite stressful to the person who your pretending to be.

  • 15. Inappropriate names are not wanted.
    Inappropriate names are not necessary, and some players do not want to see your 'pretty' words, therefore we do not allow it. If we catch you with an inappropriate name in game you'll get a warning to change it, if the warning is ignored you'll be kicked, and if it's still ignored you can expect a ban.

  • 16. Do not scam!
    Scamming is forbidden and will lead to a ban if you get caught doing it.


Select one of the download links below to start downloading the game

Alternative download link

Once you've downloaded, start the setup and go through the Setup Wizard. A black box will come up once you double click Last Moon.exe in the install folder or your desktop shortcut, that is what's meant to happen, it will start downloading the full game for you. Just wait for it to finish and then it will start your game. It could take over an hour depending on your internet speed. Don't worry if it closes suddenly or your internet cuts out, just click on Last Moon.exe and it will download from where it left off.

Use Last Moon.exe or your desktop shortcut to open the game, never game.exe.

If you're having trouble running the game because of missing files, go to the following links and download and install both.

Errors about DirectX, Direct3D and so on:
Download DirectX
Run and extract the files
Then go to the folder you extracted it to and run DXSETUP

Errors about Visual Redist, MSVCR100.dll missing and so on get this:
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redist
If you're still having problems go to the help section in the forum and ask for help.