April 20, 2024, 08:57:56 PM


Read the rules and then scroll down to start downloading the game.
1. English in public chats
2. No offensive or inappropriate language
3. Age group 13+
4. No hacking or major file altering (or threatening to do so)
5. We recommend that you do item exchanges or complete solo quests in different dimensions to prevent stealing. If done so in the default dimension 0 it is unlikely that staff will be able to assist with accused theft. Explicit proof required for refunds.
6. Last Moon is 100% free to play but you can donate to receive additional perks. Any chargebacks will result in a permanent ban.
7. Any content submitted for game use will be owned by Last Moon, we have the right to reform or edit them in any way and refuse any requests for removal.
8. Our goal is to provide players with a safe and fun 3D chat room experience. If you ever need to report a player or game bug you can contact one of our staff with as much information as possible so we can assist you.


Select one of the download links below to start downloading the game

Alternative download link

Once you've downloaded, start the setup and go through the Setup Wizard. A black box will come up once you double click Last Moon.exe in the install folder or your desktop shortcut, that is what's meant to happen, it will start downloading the full game for you. Just wait for it to finish and then it will start your game. It could take over an hour depending on your internet speed. Don't worry if it closes suddenly or your internet cuts out, just click on Last Moon.exe and it will download from where it left off.

Use Last Moon.exe or your desktop shortcut to open the game, never game.exe.

If you're having trouble running the game because of missing files, go to the following links and download and install both.

Errors about DirectX, Direct3D and so on:
Download DirectX
Run and extract the files
Then go to the folder you extracted it to and run DXSETUP

Errors about Visual Redist, MSVCR100.dll missing and so on get this:
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redist
If you're still having problems go to the help section in the forum and ask for help.