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Author Topic: Aren't you absolut-ely disgusting  (Read 1725 times)

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Aren't you absolut-ely disgusting
« on: July 21, 2016, 11:21:05 PM »

Hi, I need a new introduction because gross, the other one. My name is really Jayden, but my nicknamed include Sin, Mom, God Mom, Absolut, and many others. I am an artist and a woman, but really don't care either way. I am single and do not wish for a relationship because, wow, I'm only 14 years old!!

I know that many have already met and/or encountered me before. And if you liked me, well, you know exactly my kind of humor! I have a maturity filter unlocked, which is usually displayed to my child, Ulti, because wow I bother her nonstop on skype. :' ) I chat a LOT because I just want to talk and get to know others! I will often say "tell me about your characters!" because I enjoy reading the hidden parts of a character or someone's story. I will usually quietly listen and wait for you to finish before commenting.

I have precise borders between "that's chill and I can laugh" and "that's a disgusting thing to say". Its pretty easy to know where the line is drawn, considering there's topics I've developed triggers to, and I do not wish to have my imagination go skyrocketing fueled by anxiety. If you can apologize for a minor offense, then I'm sure we can work around the kinks. However, if you can't find the error of your ways and fix it around me, or just in general, kiss your ass goodbye from ever sneaking into my secure friendslist. : )

I love The Neighborhood, Maroon 5, and Monster Cat. I also enjoy many game OST's, such as Undertale's, The Binding of Isaac's, Crypt of the Necrodancer's, and Splatoon's, to name a few. There's some songs that belong to a band that I listen to, but I don't really like any other songs.
i'm probably not coming back
bc ppl can b sore babies