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Author Topic: Wiki Suggestions  (Read 1153 times)

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Wiki Suggestions
« on: March 23, 2016, 12:40:22 PM »
Hi guys.

I am really glad that we have a Wiki, which has lots of helpful information in it. I was pretty lost when it came to items and NPCs but it helped me greatly.

However, I have noticed that it doesnt seem to be complete. There are lots of images missing and sometimes links arent all that helpful.

So here I am with a couple of suggestions.

  • Pictures of Items - I think it would be awesome if the items had pictures too in the Wiki, so we can tell how they actually look like.
  • Items - Order - Sometimes it is very hard to find items in the Wiki, due to them not being in an alphabetical order. Pets at the Pets sale NPC are also lacking an order.
  • Links - Some links dont lead to any helpful information. For example, if I go to a sale NPC's page and click on an item or pet it is selling, then it leads me to a completely useless page instead of the Wiki page of that item/Pet. For example, if I click on the White Moth at the Free Items and Pets NPC, it leads me to this page instead of this. All sale and prey information could be put onto the same page because it contains all we need to know about the Pet, including looks and stats.
  • Sale NPCs - Prices - I think it would be neat to be able to see how much those items and pets cost at the NPCs. Sometimes you just think of buying something and just want a quick look at the price without having to go back to the Bazaar map.

Now, I am not saying all this to give more work for you because I would love to help out and will take pictures where I can about pets and items and could even copy the prices somewhere. Just want to know if I should even start and help or if the developers are fine with the way the Wiki is.

Thank you!

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